Page 96 (edinburgh drawings from 2001)

[All these were drawn while I was living in Edinburgh, Scotland, back in 2001 etc]

My dreams look great on paper
my dreams look great on paper

I'm Scottish
i’m scottish

Poetic insights
poetic insights

Satan bought my soul
satan bought my soul

Mystical experience
mystical experience

Take me home now
take me home now

Yeah we like easy
yeah we like easy

Hearing snoring noises
hearing snoring noises

God had made a friend
god had made a friend

Single middle-age barfly
single middle-age barfly

untitled 01

Eat pussy drink beer
eat pussy

Manners forbid me
manners forbid me

Middle age
middle age

Not happening for me
not happening

Talking to you
talking to you

I need to be used
i need to be used

No longer give a damn
no longer give a damn

Porridge fruit
porrige fruit

Three hours
three hours

I'm in Vegas
i’m in vegas

She looked great on paper
she looked great on paper

You must never grow
you must never grow

Career career career
career career career

Catalyze joy
catalyze joy

Fleeting beauty
fleeting beauty

Righteouly indignat
righteously indignant

The emptier his life got
the emptier his life got