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[Originally posted on my wife’s Facebook:]

Hugh and I have been together for seven years.
Married for five of them. Parents for three.

Still, outside of this life we share, I think I loved him even before we met.
[hard to say]

Like many people, for years I have been entertained, motivated, and inspired by the wisdom he has been sharing for over 15 years through his art and his writings.

It’s amazing all that can be conveyed in the back of a business card.

Hugh has an innate ability to give and spread hope even when he is cynical or glib, and therein lies his greatest strength: He can inspire us to be who we are unapologetically, like his purple sheep, and motivate us to be a bigger, better version of ourselves because love begets love.

The world needs more people like that because there simply aren’t many people like him.

It is for this reason that I reach out to you, our friends.

For the past month our family has been in crisis. Hugh has been in and out of hospitals suffering from (though I rather say “living with”) end stage renal failure. He needs a kidney transplant desperately but unfortunately we have been unable to find a matching donor.

I do hope though, and have faith that one of you (or all of you) may be able to help us.

We need a donor.

If you or someone you know is blood Type O and interested in becoming a living donor to Hugh, please contact us at annushandhugh@gmail.com or call the Duke Transplant Center at (919) 613-7777 and tell them you are interested in donating to Hugh MacLeod and they will guide you through the process.

You can be in the US or in Europe…location is not really a problem.

If you are unable or unwilling to donate, please share this in your networks. Hugh found his career on the web, and we found each other through social media so we strongly believe in the power of social sharing.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and we look forward to a long life with a bright future as we hope for you.


Ana MacLeod

A.C. MacLeod



Duke Transplant Center at (919) 613-7777