[A recent letter to an old friend.]

Hi Colin,

As we discussed, I spent the last 20 years working on what I call “The Manhattan Series” Thousands of drawings, all drawn on the backs of business cards.

I would eventually like to get the piece shown somewhere in Edinburgh, then donate it to a national Scottish arts museum for posterity. It’s important to me that it ends up in Scotland.

Not only is Edinburgh where I grew up, it’s where I learned my trade, where I learned how to walk around the city and get inspiration and figure out how to translate that into an art form. Back when David Mackenize (the film director, and one of my best friends) and I were kids circa mid-80s, he was living with me in the New Town. We’d make it our business once a day to go out and  “get some culture”. This early attempt at being proactively cultural served us both well over the years.

I’m also looking for gallery representation and publishing opportunities over there.

It’s important to me the body of work gets displayed somewhere at least once as a single, vast piece, preferably in Edinburgh, either in a large room or perhaps a large corridor. Some of the cards will be for sale via a gallery.

Anyway, I think it’ll be an interesting art project. Cheers!


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