Page 97 (drawings from 2002)

And it was good
and it was good

Broken by life
broken by life

Everybody loves me
everybody loves me

Married to your filthy karma
married to your filthy karma

New York or death
new york or death

Special part of me
special part of me

Tower restaurant
tower restaurant

untitled 01

untitled 02

Walking phallocracy
walking phallocracy

untitled 03

Alive alive alive
alive alive alive

All the boys at school
all the boys at school

Great relationship
great relationship

Never wanted greatness
never wanted greatness

untitled 04

untitled 05

Getting old
getting old

Hopefully enough
hopefully enough

I stopped caring
i stopped caring

Original art
original art

Pick one God
pick one god

Pig ignorant
pig ignorant

Starfucker's siberia
star fucker siberia

The adventure ends
the adventure ends

untitled 06

untitled 07

untitled 08

Used to surprise
used to surprise

Wake up tomorrow
wake up tomorrow

Cosmic cah-cah
cosmic cah cah

Hollywood whore
hollywood whore

Sexy bullshit
sexy bullshit

untitled 09

For a bat of an eyelash
for a bat of an eyelash

Givers takers
givers takers

Guy at cocktail party
guy at a cocktail party

Money booze stress
money booze stress

Pop star

Thank you for being
thank you for being

Untitled grey
untitled 10 (grey)

All your money
all your money

Galley slaves
galley slaves

untitled 11

untitled 12

untitled 13

untitled 14

I'll be gone
i’ll be gone

New York New York
new york new york new york

untitled 15

untitled 16

All my fans adore me
all my fans adore me

Big city property market
big city property market

First rate religion
first rate religion

Genetically designed
genetically designed

Giving a shit
giving a shit

Idea is the orgasm
idea is the orgasm

Book cover idea from June, 2002

Book cover idea

I always thought I should write about the time I lived in New York (1997-99). Here’s one idea I had for the title back in 2002.

Eventually the book did happen a few years later, kinda sorta, even if it no longer had “New York” in the title…