I’ve started a new book project….


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[IMPORTANT: The book is going to be a very small limited edition, so if you think you might be interested in pre-ordering the book once it goes into production, click on the link above and I’ll ping you when the time comes,  Thanks.]


i. I’m writing a book, working title, “The Marfa Project”. It’s going to be my magnum opus.

ii. Everything in the book will be hand-drawn in my usual business-card-size format. Just pen & ink, no typing etc.

iii. The book will express everything worthwhile I have to say to the generations that come after me. It will be my gift to the ages.

iv. This website, themarfaproject.com will chronicle its making as an ongoing work in progress; this will be its main purpose.

v. The book wil be completely “pure” and non-commercial. I’m doing this for myself, nobody else.

vi. I see it as a massive, hardcover, fine-art coffee table book, a-la Taschen, Phaidon etc. Anyone interested in publishing it should drop me an email, thanks: themarfaproject@gmail.com

vii. The book will be free in its entirety online, as well. The coffee table hardcover will just be a collector’s item- a signed, limited edition for my most hardcore supporters.

viii. I’m guessing the book will be around the US $50-$100 mark, i.e. that same as most high-end hardbacks of similar size and quality.

ix. I reserve the right to modify or delete any of the points above, however and whenever I damn well please.

x. Again,The book is going to be a very small limited edition, so if you want to get on the list when it goes into production, sign up above and I’ll send you a notification when the time comes. Thanks.