Page 94 (drawings from 1999)

Bad 80's rock
bad 80’s rock

Did I mention I rock
did i mention i rock

Every time my work improves
every time my work improves


If you had any pain
if you had any pain

I have no life
i have no life

Inherently wrong
inherently wrong

Just what the world needs
just what the world needs

Pickup line
pickup line


The human insect
the human instinct

untitled 01

untitled 02

untitled 03

Wouldn't take you seriously
wouldn’t take you seriously

Art for the people
art for the people

Bad ideas never die
bad ides never die

Extension of victory
extension of victory

He treated women like shit
he treated women like shit

Nothing in common
nothing in common

Renounce the ordinary
renounce the ordinary

Sold my soul to some possessions
sold my soul

Transcend the mundane
transcend the mundane

untitled 04

untitled 05

Wanna buy my life story
wanna buy my life story

Digitally remastered
digitally remastered

Dreams of future greatness
dreams of future greatness

I feel america's pain
i feel america’s pain

If everybody was as smart
if everybody was as smart

I got laid once
i got laid once

I had friends once. But none of the bastards ever ended up making any money.
i had friends once

Mess pain celebrity gossip
mess pain

People like you
people like you

Almost as fucked up as me
almost as fucked up as me

Are you looking for quality
are you looking for quality

Change his friends
wanted to change the world

Desperation was his hobby
desperation was


Going to die alone
going to die alone


Looking for a soulmate
looking for a soulmate

Second rate writers
second rate writers

She could have been someone
she could’ve been someone

Sum of his distractions
sum of his distractions

Too late I'm afraid
too late i’m afraid

untitled 06

Clubs are for predators
clubs are for predators

Contemporary theaterq
contemporary theater

Get a real job
get a real job

I just have disciples
i just have discipline

I sold my soul
i sold my soul

I've heard it all
i’ve heard it all

Many weapons
many weapons

Obscure cultural references
obscure cultural references

Two high points
two high points

untitled 07

untitled 08