Page 92 (drawings from 1998)

Happy sad
happy sad

High art oblivion
high art oblivion

Ladder to success
ladder to success

Trying to explain his life
trying to explain his life


Paltry little probles
paltry little problems

Not famous
not famous

John Lennon
john lennon

Girls who don't want to have sex
girls who don’t want to have sex

I wonder why I can't get laid
i wonder why i cn get laid

Full animal care service
full animal care service

Faustain bargain
faustian bargain

Corner bistro
corner bistro matchbook

Bestselling CD
bestselling cd

Woman of my dreams
woman of my dreams

What non-New Yorkers have
what non-new yorkers have

untitled 01

What do I know
what do i know

untitled 02

Tomorrow our employees die
tomorrow our employees die

New Yorkers can forgive anything
new yorkers can forgive anything

The fool
the fool

Need something to endorse
need something to endorse

Language is interface
language is interface

Joy happiness pleasure
joy happiness pleasure

I want to be in love
i want to be in love

I had no life
i had to be in love