Page 84 (undated drawings circa 2000-1010)

[NB: The vast majority of the business-card drawings are dated on the back, both with the month and the year- these ones slipped through the net etc.]

She loves me
she loves me

Dirty filthy wrong
dirty filthy wrong

Think global act global
think global

All is vanity
all is vanity

Back in five minutes
back in five minutes

Benign fascism
benign fascism

Bent double
bent double

Biological norm
biological norm

Complete frosting
complete frosting


Creativity 2.0
creativity 2.0

Eighties inspired
eighties inspired

English cut
english cut

Jerry who
jerry who? (drawn at the time of jerry garcia’s death)

Jumped the shark
jumped the shark

Just the students
just the students


My blog
my blog

One day
one day though

Open up people
open up people

Oscar Moor pop quiz
oscar moore pop quiz

Second-rate buzzwords
second rate buzzwords

Silicon valley
silicon valley

untitled 01

untitled 02

untitled 03

untitled 04

Want to feel more alive
want to feel more alive

Where are my legs
where are my legs