“Art Happens Slowly”


I like Instagram a lot, I’ve used it a lot in the last couple of years [including with the picture above etc.].

I like sharing stuff with my thousands of Twitter followers, right then and there, right in the moment, while the ink on the drawing has had barely enough time to dry.

I wish it had existed back in my work’s early New York days; it would’ve been perfect for that. Some of the drawings in The Marfa Project are well over a decade old, and have never been published before. How quickly the world has changed since then etc.

Speaking of “over a decade”, I recently read somewhere that it took twenty years for the critically acclaimed Clint Eastwood movie, “The Unforgiven”, to actually get made. That’s how long the script was sitting on the “No” pile, before it finally got the greenlight.

For all the razzle-dazzle you see in the magazines, the truth is, as with The Unforgiven or The Marfa Project, art happens slowly. And art careers happen even more slowly than that.