Page 56 (drawings from 2010)

Die free
die free

Glazed over by events
glazed over by events

Star star star
star star star

An idea excites me
an idea excites me

Forgive me father
forgive me father

untitled 01

Are you a user
are you a user


untitled 02

Welcome to South Beach
welcome to south beach

In my next life
in my next life

If you have your health
if you have your health

I'm dying
i’m dying

Is there anything left
is there anything left

Die trying
die trying

Sing to me
sing to me

untitled 03

untitled 04

Yo bitches
you bitches

A lot of clever people
a lot of clever people

untitled 05

Day off from everybody
day off from everybody

Out of darkness
out of darkness

Biography Bookshop

Biography bookshop inc

Down the street from where I used to live in New York, there was this cute little bookshop I went to all the time, called The Biogaphy Bookshop. It was a very special place, like an old curiosity shop in a Nora Ephron movie.

It’s no longer there, at least, not at that current location. Like everythig else in the West Village, it’s been replaced by a big brand name. Progress, Baby.

The time I gave up booze and took up tea drinking…

Harmonious fucking infusion

Page 55 (drawings from 2010)

Stop being fucked
stop being f’d

Style is substance
style is substance

untitled 01

untitled 02

Believe in yourself
believe in yourself

Sear on this here bible
swear on this here bible

When it all came apart
when it all comes apart

Jenny Holzer
jenny holzer

Life without you
life without you

List as long as your arm
list a long as your arm

Oh shit and fuck
oh shit and f

Double soy douchbag latte
double soy douchebag

Moment of clarity
moment of clarity

Sex convinience others
sex convenience others

All life is prayer
life is prayer

Easter island statue
easter island

Harmonious fucking infusion
harmonius f’ing infusion

Watch your irrelevance
watch your irrelevance

Fucked until I'm dead
f’d until i’m dead

Lifeline of hope
lifeline of hope

Project all my insecutities
project all my insecurities

Tap dancing
tap dancing

Desperate measures
desperate measures

History of the internet
history of the internet

Work feels like play
work feels like play

Your sorry ass
your sorry ass

Agency social objects
agency social objects

Final death prayer
final death prayer

Straightforward kindness
straightforward kindness

untitled 03

Bad decisions
bad decisions

Fucking email
f’ing email

Pothead artist dork
pothead artist dork

With despair
with despair