Page 30 (drawings from 2009)

Same cross different nails
same cross

My life sucks
my life sucks

Thanks for reaching out
thanks for reaching out

A lot of people call themselves artists
a lot of people call themselves artists

Fog of love
fog of love

When I'm not making millions
when i’m not making millions

Regular guys
regular guys


American and desperate
amercian and desperate

This life has already killed me
this life

Let's be really interesting
let’s be really interesting

The way young lovers do
the way young lovers do

Haters need failure
haters need failure

This life isn't big enough
the life isn’t big enough

We fall into heaven
we fall into heaven

When you're alive
when you’re alive

Be thou
be thou

I work very hard
i work very hard

All media is social
all media is social

How does one meet
how does one meet