Page 34 (drawings from 2009)

Angry prayer
angry prayer

I like to talk
i like to talk

Never give up
never give up

The main point of the internet
the main point of the internet

I don't understand my life
i don’t undertand my life

Only as good as my last tweet
my last tweet

God loves you
god loves you

She's got a song
she’s got a song

Don't want to be a millionare
i don’t want to be a millionaire

First they kill you
first they kill you

I want to be amazed
i want to be amazed

Corporate ass kisser
corporate ass killer

Do you hyperlink
do you hyperlink

I buy fancy shit
i buy fancy shit

I just want to be loved
i just want to be loved

I want to create something
i want to create something

Poor old Clement
poor old clement

I'm not a lawyer
i’m not a lawyer

I used to think you were fragile
i used to think you were fragile

Love loss religion ambition
love loss relgion ambition

In an ideal world
in an ideal world

My crazy tire
my crazy tire

Your memory inspires me
your memory inspires me

Being dead forever
being dead forever

New York art openings
new york art openings

Want to be your porn star
i want to be your porn star

Ball of human potential
ball of human potential

It's dirty filthy and wrong
it’s dirty and filty and wrong

You made a fool of me
you made a fool of me

Page 33 (drawings from 2011)

Had I known
had i known

A pantheon of false gods
a pantheon of false gods

Get away from me
get away from me

Era of the fat dumb
era of fat dumb happy

You gave me kindness
you gave me kindness

City of cathedrals
city of cathedrals

I wish I was a chick
i wish i was a chick

Portrait of a tormented ambarassment
portrait of tormented embarrassment

Let's create nothing
let’s create nothing

Waiting to be inspired
waiting to be inspired


You are not alone
you are not alone

Even the straight guys own poodles
even stright guys

Not going to live much longer
not going to live much longer

What's your message
what’s your message

I've got a $600 phone
i’ve got a $600 phone


Worship ye the power
worship ye the power

Create is the new consume
create is the new

I put all my hope in my own vanity
i put all my hope

When my husband isn't seething
when my husband isn’t seething

Doing what you love
doing what you love

Glad you're giving me hell
glad you’re giving me hell

My dreams are irrelevant
my dreams are irrelevant

Savor every nanosecond
savor every nanosecond

Trouble with poor people

the trouble with poor people

Without doubt
without doubt

I don't have catholic guilt
i don’t have catholic guilt

Meet ben the lifestyle refugee
lifestyle refugee

Try to remain passionate
try to remain passionate

Page 32 (drawings circa 2009-2010)

Evil at work
evil at work

I want people I care about
i want people

Somebody's daughter
somebody’s daughter

I'm in a hurry
i’m in a hurry

Time to be inspired
time to be inspired

Chaos stress
chaos stress

I wanted wings
i wanted wings

I suffered
i suffered

I write self help books
i write self-help books

Art is vanity's valet
art is vaniuty’s valet

Life is good
life is good

Now that you love me
now that you love me

Personal brands
personal brands

I like recessions
i like recessions

The only people
the only people

Dear God
dear god

Talking about our relationship
talking about our relationship

My work is shit
my work is shit

The eternal war
the eternal war

The human river
the human river

Page 31 (drawings circa 2008-2009)

Liberation from oneself
liberation from oneself

What people say they want
what people say they want

I want to believe
i want to believe

Seeking out warm flesh
seeking out warm flesh

God wants you awake
gods wants you

Everybody hates advertising
everybody hates advertising

The dream gets closer
the dream gets closer

If it doesn't cost you
if it doesn’t cost you


Blogging hierarchy
blogging hierarchy

Hard to be in the apple store
hard to be in the apple store

Blood on the land
blood on the land

Love me forever
love me forever

Dinosaur on the verge
dinosaur on the verge

Slave to google
slave to google

Beer is my copilot
beer is my copilot

I'm laughing at death
i’m laughing at death

Human flesh digital mind
human flesh digital mind

More scared of being wrong
more scared of being wrong

My dick is small
my dick is small

The quiet anger
the quiet anger